Purpose of Blog

I have given much thought to what the purpose of this blog should be.  I myself am interested in really anything involved with the field of aerospace engineering:

  • Current events
  • Advances in technology
  • History
  • NASA

The list can go on, but it is unnecessary to bore you with a long list.  Besides, I think you understand my point; I am interested in any topic within aerospace engineering.  I have come to realize my intended audience will be people within the blogosphere community who share my interests in aerospace engineering and/or the military.  Some may even be aerospace engineers, some may be members of the military, and some may be both.

It was suggested to me by my professor and authors of written text which discuss the success of a blog that I write this blog in a manner which appeals to the needs, wants, and/or expectations of my audience.  I hope to have a successful blog, so I think I will do just that.  The purpose of my blog will be to

  • inform the audience of current news and events within the aerospace engineering field
  • educate the readers on aerospace engineering
  • further discuss anything I find interesting or concerning (for the time being, this will involve a discussion of the termination of the space shuttle programs and what the future may hold as a result)

An Interest Sparks

I think my interest in the military was largely influenced by the family I grew up in.  I come from a family of many service members:

  • My great-grandpa served in the Air Force
  • My grandpa served in the Navy
  • My great-uncle served in the Army
  • My dad served in the Marines
  • My mom served in the Navy

My military interests have leaned towards the Air Force because of my interest in flight and space.  Initially, my dream was to become a pilot or an astronaut, but over the years my eye sight has become increasingly worse, and now my eye sight is far below the minimum requirement.  With these aspirations out of the question, I became interested in engineering, specifically aerospace engineering.  If was not going to be able to fly, I wanted to be a significant part in the advancement of flight in air and space.  I realized as an aerospace engineer I could also contribute more to the military than just the advancement of flight:

  • Defensive technology- satellites
  • Offensive technology- missiles

All these things considered, my life goals are

  1. to become an officer in the US Air Force by graduating from Air Force ROTC
  2. to become an aerospace engineer
  3. to contribute to the US’s technological and military advancement in air and space