Analysis of Discourse Material

I have decided to momentarily break off from my usual agenda of informative material, and have decided this week to analyze some blog material I read.  One of the blogs I follow, Bad Astronomy, wrote a post concerning a meteor which will pass the Earth on its orbital path on 08 Nov 2011 (“A city-block-sized asteroid will swing by Earth on November 8“).

The blog post talks about an asteroid which will pass the Earth on November 8.  This asteroid will pass on its orbital path 320000 kilometers from the Earth.  Though the asteroid is not dangerous, in the sense that it could potentially strike the Earth, it has still been labeled a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid because its orbit is the same as Earth’s.  Because it has been labeled as such, astronomers will be observing the asteroid.

The blog post is an interesting read.  The voice is informal in order to form a better connection with the readers.  It uses different medias which are visually engaging, and it uses hyperlinks in order to connect with outside resources, which further validate the information in the blog.  It is clearly a well written because there have been multiple views and numerous comments to the blog post.


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